VNPT officially provides Goocus in the Vietnamese market


VNPT has just announced the official supply of Goocus smart learning application in the Vietnamese market. Possessing many features, the application developed by Castalia Company (Japan) is expected to give users a different experience.

In the press release of August 7, 2018, VNPT announced that, in the face of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, along with the desire to increase the application of technology in teaching activities, the main VNPT will officially provide smart learning application Goocus on the Vietnamese market.

As a smart learning application developed by Castalia Company from Japan – one of the most advanced education countries in the world today, Goocus is considered as the perfect choice for learning and training in the digital era at centers, schools and businesses. Thanks to the cloud computing system, this learning application can satisfy a wide variety of learning needs and models, from a few students to a big classroom at the same time.

Besides, according to VNPT, by being designed to use anytime, anywhere on any device such as smartphones, tablets or computers, Goocus will give users a completely different experience from traditional teaching and learning methods. “With Goocus, all concepts of space and time are broken, lessons are no longer confined to school and classroom”, emphasized VNPT.

Using the Goocus smart learning app, each student will be provided with a separate account that can use a phone, tablet or computer to access thousands of lectures any time, anywhere. Thanks to the feature that allows self-study, self-grading, and self-assessment even after leaving the classroom, Goocus has truly created an ideal “open” learning space for students.

At the same time, in an effort to bring users the perfect learning environment, Goocus also has the ability to find friends/colleagues right on the app to study together or exchange lessons. This feature helps to maximize communication between members, making learning more efficient and friendly.

In addition, Goocus also supports teachers in teaching and student management. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, through their accounts, lecturers are completely active in updating lectures to the system in many different formats: such as images, audio files, or video … The Goocus push notification feature is also a powerful tool for teachers to remind students to review their assignments and complete their courses.

Despite having many preeminent features, it will also be very difficult for Goocus to persuade businesses, organizations or schools to use the application. Because a there would be one big question: do these units have to invest in specialized IT equipment or infrastructure? “The answer is: No. With Goocus, partners do not have to pay any extra fees to invest in equipment “, VNPT clarified.

The solution that helps users of Goocus application without investing in infrastructure is that: the application is provided on the cloud computing platform, all customer data is managed and stored securely on Goocus cloud server system. To use this smart learning application, customers only need to have an Internet connection and pay the usage fee according to the number of service accounts that customers register.

Now users can download Goocus from the appstore of Google Play and Apple Store. For more information about Goocus application, users can visit the link or call the hotline 18001260.