Understand the appeal of Goocus solution


Provided on cloud computing platform, Goocus smart learning solution is the choice of many centers, schools and businesses for learning and teaching today…

Type the keyword “smart learning application” on Google, within 0.25 seconds, you can find about 164,000,000 results, however, the applications mentioned by Google are mostly applications for English self-learning. If what you are looking for is an inclusive application, with thousands of lectures, that can meet a wide variety of learning needs, ranging from group of a few students and to a big classroom applications, there would be none si milarto Goocus.

Provided on the cloud computing platform, Goocus smart learning solution is considered to be the perfect choice for learning and training during the digital age. Let’s explore the useful features that users should not ignore when choosing the Goocus learning app from Japan – one of the countries with the most advanced education in the world today.

Goocus - giải pháp học tập thông minh thời 4.0Goocus – Smart learning solution in 4.0 era

Strengths from technology

Thanks to being provided on the cloud platform, Goocus learning app can satisfy a wide variety of learning needs and models, from a group of a few students to a big classroom which study simultaneously.

Not only that, but the application is also designed to be used anytime, anywhere on any device such as smartphones, tablets or computers, helping to give users a completely different experience compared to the traditional teaching and learning methods. With Goocus, lessons are no longer confined to physical space anymore.

A wide range of convenient features

Each student is provided with a separate account that they can use on smartphone, tablet or computer to access thousands of lecturers’ lectures anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the feature that allows self-study, self-grading, and self-assessment even after leaving the classroom, Goocus has truly created an ideal “open” learning space for students.

Students can learn together with their friends thanks to the ability to find friends/colleagues right on the app to study together or exchange assignments. This feature helps to maximize communication between members, making learning more efficient and friendly.

For teachers, teaching and student management is also improved thanks to the user-friendly interface. Through their accounts, teachers are completely proactive in updating lectures to the system in many different formats such as images, audio files, or videos … The Goocus push notification feature is also an effective tools of teachers in reminding their students to review their homework and complete their course.

Despite a wide range of features, the cost to invest in Goocus (http://goocus.ocg.vn/VI/) is greatly reduced. Thanks to being provided on cloud computing platform, all customer data is managed and stored securely on Goocus’s server system. To use this smart learning application, customers only need to have an Internet connection and pay the usage fee according to the number of service accounts that customers register.

Lễ ký kết biên bản hợp tác cung cấp giải pháp đào tạo E-leanrning Goocus giữa trường Đại học Đại Nam và Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ OCG đánh dấu một bước tiến mới trong việc ứng dụng CNTT trong giáo dụcLễ The signing ceremony of the MOU in providing E-leanrning Goocus training solutions between Dai Nam University and OCG Technology Joint Stock Company marked a new step in the application of IT in education.

Thanks to the policy of promoting IT application in teaching and learning, Goocus solution provided to Dai Nam University by OCG – a company specializing in providing cross-platform technology solutions for the benefit of the community.

The introduction of Goocus solution in teaching and learning at Dai Nam University is expected to reap great achievements in training, scientific research and technology transfer in this educational environment. OCG will be responsible for providing the Goocus learning solution package (user accounts and technical support during usage….) for Dai Nam University. Accordingly, from April 2019 to the end of November 2019, Dai Nam University will transfer all content for OCG to upload to the Goocus system.