In response to rapid technological innovation in the education market, VNPT Vinaphone began offering a smart learning application (hereinafter Goocus) to the Vietnamese market in partnership with a Japanese education system provider (Castalia Co., Ltd.). With its outstanding features Goocus promises totally different experiences for users.

「New learning style by Goocus」

As a smart learning application made in Japan which is one of the most advanced countries in the world, Goocus is considered the best option for learning and training in the 4.0 era. Since this learning application is provided on the cloud computing platform, it can respond to various learning needs and patterns such as small class to large class of school, various learning centers, employee education at company and so on.
Designed for use anywhere, including smartphones, tablets and computers, Goocus offers a completely different experience from traditional professors and learning methods. At Goocus, all concepts of space and time collapsed, and lessons are no longer limited to classrooms.
Each student has a separate account that you can access anytime, anywhere in thousands of instructor lectures using smartphones, tablets, or PCs.


「Friendly and flexible learning environment」

In order to provide an effective learning environment for users, Goocus can also find and exchange articles by finding friends and colleagues in the application. This function helps maximize communication between members, making learning more effective and enjoyable.
Goocus also supports free content distribution by instructors and student learning progress management. With a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use interface, teachers can freely distribute images, sounds, videos or other various forms of lecture. Especially the message push function by the lecturer is a powerful tool to remind learners of learning

「No need to invest in equipment」

Although there are such excellent features, it will be difficult to convince Goocus to use the application for companies, organizations, or schools. The biggest problem is whether we need to invest in specialist IT equipment and infrastructure. The answer is: No.!!!
With Goocus, there is no need for new capital investment around the introduction.
Goocus is offered on the cloud computing platform and all user data is securely managed on Goocus cloud server in robust DC.
To use this smart learning application, just access the Internet and pay the fee according to the number of service accounts you want.
Goocus with a variety of attractive features, learning on mobile devices is most effective, it is recommended!


「Application download」